Device name
Unmoderated list of TECLAST
Please note, "TECLAST" brand may not be actual for some devices
98 [6.0; 1516095301; SDK22]
98(M1E4) [6.0; 1494919473; SDK22]
98(M1E4) [6.0; 1498567852; SDK22]
98(M1E5) [6.0; 1491563415; SDK22]
M40_ROW [10; 37766; SDK29]
M40S_ROW [11; 2022312; SDK30]
P20HD_EEA [10; 26621; SDK29]
P30S_EEA [12; 20220929.1926; SDK31]
P70 4G(H2V6) [5.1; 1473646131; SDK22]
P70 4G(H2V6) [5.1; 1473646131; SDK22]
P80 3G八核(A5LL) [4.4.2; eng.huangnan.1420783660; SDK19]
P80 3G八核(A7LL) [4.4.2; eng.wangchengxi.1432177902; SDK19]
P80 PRO [7.0; 1532917587; SDK24]
P80 PRO [7.0; 1536885946; SDK24]
P80 PRO [7.0; 1544177428; SDK24]
P80 四核 (BV8K) [4.4.2; eng.wuxm.1415027193; SDK19]
P80 四核 (BV9K) [4.4.2; eng.wuxm.1418971691; SDK19]
P80 四核 (BV9K) [4.4.2; eng.wuxm.1431064817; SDK19]
P88(H3D7) [V4.1; 20130423.140015; SDK16]
P89S MINI(F8A2) [4.2.2; eng.tangli.20140116.170513; SDK17]
P98 3G(M1Q2) [4.2.2; eng.huangnan.1403141226; SDK17]
P98 4G八核(A8H6) [4.4.4; eng.wangchengxi.1426229253; SDK19]
P98 4G八核版(A8H8) [5.0; 1433221438; SDK21]
T10(E3C5) [7.0; 1511157138; SDK24]
T30_EEA [9; panyh09061416; SDK28]
T30_ROW [9; panyh11081058; SDK28]
T98 4G(C6R3) [4.4.4; eng.chivin.1436839433; SDK19]
TLA016 [8.0.0; 1585557015; SDK26]
X10 PLUS(F2D6) [5.1; eng.xieheng.20160507.142145; SDK22]
X10 PLUS(F2D6) [5.1; eng.xieheng.20170112.162556; SDK22]
X16 PLUS(D3A5) [5.1.1; B2016062701; SDK22]
X70 R(C8F9) 3G [5.1.1; 20160511; SDK22]
X80 PLUS(H5C5) [5.1; eng.zhangmo.20160121.112156; SDK22]
X80HD(G2N4) [4.4.4; eng.root.20150820.110747; SDK19]
X80HD(G2N8) [4.4.4; eng.root.20141202.151956; SDK19]
X80HD(G2N9) [4.4.4; eng.root.20141202.151956; SDK19]
X98 3G(HKC1) [4.2.2; eng.yankendi.20140429.184832; SDK17]
X98 AIR 3G(C8J7) [4.4.4; eng.yankendi.20150126.130409; SDK19]
X98 AIR 3G(C9J8) [4.4.4; eng.heidongzhixin.20150119.172121; SDK19]
X98 AIR II [5.0; eng.teclast.20150720.173000; SDK21]
X98 AIR II(HG5N) [4.4.2; eng.yankendi.20140922.165954; SDK19]
X98 PLUS II (C2D4) [5.1.1; eng.pb-server.20160617.140339; SDK22]
X98 PLUS II (C2E3) [5.1.1; eng.pb-server2.20160624.190130; SDK22]
X98 PLUS(A5C8) [5.1; eng.xieheng.20160114.162002; SDK22]

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