Real Device Specifications

SpecDevice for Android

Android versions: 2.2 and later

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Spec Device application for Android provides the most complete information about your smartphone or tablet.
It discovers all possible technical information about your device, and optionally resolves additional details from remote specification database. Application allows to share your information with other people who are interested in similar gadgets.

How it works

When the application runs for the first time, it performs series of tests, detecting available hardware. This may take 5 to 20 seconds. Note: while detecting WiFi, wireless module turns off and on, then returns wifi to previous state. Make sure you do not have important internet connections this time. Then we detect number of screen touch points. Optionally, app may ask one more question.

After tests finished, results are stored in application cache. At this point it's possible to request database for more details. Server resolves chipset and kernel modules information, and returns details about wifi, bluetooth, CPU name etc.. You need internet connection in order to get additional information. By default, after request, a webpage with your specification created at You have an option to turn publishing off if you prefer not to share your spec. Note: spec page contains only technical information, no any personal data.

App provides functionality to handle test results: copy or mail specification or link to it.

Application Permissions required for SpecDevice

Your location (fine/GPS location): for detecting built in GPS module.
Network communication (create Bluetooth connections, full Internet access): detecting bluetooth and request specdevice server.
Phone calls (read phone state): detecting telephony capabilities.
Hardware controls (take pictures and videos): getting camera information.
System tools (change WiFi state): needed for WiFi module detection.


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MStar Semiconductor, Inc. SMART
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
Brandt Group Co., Ltd Brandt Android TV 638
alps CONTIXO K109
khadas VIM1
asus ASUS_Z00XS
alps Android Tablet
iropro BS1078 BS1078
Hyundai _Crystal_8
OnePlus BE2025
Xiaomi MI 9
samsung SM-S124DL
samsung SCV38
asus ASUS MeMO Pad 7
alps 8227L_demo
alps P50 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 3G
OPPO X9009
alps note10
amlogic QBOX
Amlogic T95ZPLUS
samsung SM-A125F
samsung SM-G7102
samsung SM-G955F
alps S21+ Ultra
alps Note10
motorola Moto E (4)
alps K960
alps SPARK 6
perkbox M10
alps S21 Ultra
qin q9f
Welcome S20+ Pro
JPay Inc. JP5s Inmate Media Device
alps NT01201
Xiaomi M2101K7BNY
JPay Inc. JP5s Inmate Media Device
name y
alps A12
MBX reference board (g18ref)
alps ZL10