Device name
Unmoderated list of P706
Please note, "P706" brand may not be actual for some devices
[4.2.2;; SDK17]
[4.2.2;; SDK17]
[4.2.2; eng.root.20131206.142946; SDK17]
[4.2.2; eng.root.20140303.193102; SDK17]
[4.2.2; eng.root.20140307.143014; SDK17]
[4.4.2;; SDK19]
[4.4.2; eng.root.20140612.163754; SDK19]
[4.4.2; eng.root.20140623.105833; SDK19]
[4.4.2; eng.root.20140624.143933; SDK19]
[4.4.2; eng.root.20140708.105653; SDK19]
[4.4.2; eng.root.20140929.140049; SDK19]
[4.4.2; eng.root.20141018.143802; SDK19]
[4.5; eng.root.20140604.163851; SDK19]
[7.0; A320FLXXU2BRB5; SDK24]
AT92D [4.2.2; eng.root.20140104.170044; SDK17]
AT92D [4.2.2; eng.root.20140104.170044; SDK17]
AT92D [4.4.2; eng.root.20140623.102240; SDK19]
BHK-5128 [4.4.2; eng.root.20151209.172401; SDK19]
DND M713 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140422.195120; SDK19]
ET7-17 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140624.143933; SDK19]
G901 [4.4.2; eng.root.20141018.143802; SDK19]
GD IPPO P706 [4.2.2;; SDK17]
L901 [4.4.2; eng.root.20141018.145605; SDK19]
LENX-PAD [4.2.2; eng.root.20131216.144548; SDK17]
M2101 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140818.180751; SDK19]
M2101 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140818.180751; SDK19]
M9 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140929.140049; SDK19]
M93 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140708.092744; SDK19]
MID [4.2.2; eng.root.20140303.193102; SDK17]
NONAME [4.4.2; eng.root.20140422.195120; SDK19]
P706(FULL_GS702C) [4.2.2; eng.allsmart.20131226.094652; SDK17]
Q8 [4.2.2; eng.allsmart.20131202.120618; SDK17]
Q88-D [4.4.2; eng.root.20141018.134719; SDK19]
Q88-D [4.4.2; eng.root.20141018.134719; SDK19]
Q88-D [4.4.2; eng.root.20150811.181603; SDK19]
Q9 [4.5; eng.root.20140621.183802; SDK19]
Q9 [4.5; eng.root.20140708.092744; SDK19]
S102 [4.4.2; eng.xxl.20140523.141957; SDK19]
S104 [4.4.2; eng.liuzi.20140912.103436; SDK19]
SONY SGP310 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140411.151008; SDK17]
T88 [4.5; eng.root.20140411.151008; SDK17]
TAB 5 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140628.160122; SDK19]
TAB 5 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140628.160122; SDK19]
TAB 7 [4.2.2; eng.root.20140402.151530; SDK17]
VIVO GR-9100 [4.4.2; eng.root.20140708.092744; SDK19]

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