Device name
Unmoderated list of NUBIA
Please note, "NUBIA" brand may not be actual for some devices
NX403A [4.2.2; 4.8.8; SDK17]
NX404H [4.3; eng.nubia.20140810.194729; SDK18]
NX40X [4.2.2; eng.nubia.20130807.122219; SDK17]
NX40X [4.4.2; 5.2.3; SDK19]
NX501 [5.1.1; f08cabcbd3; SDK22]
NX503A [4.2.2; eng.nubia.20140210.165901; SDK17]
NX505J [4.4.2; eng.nubia.20150108.214708; SDK19]
NX505J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160625.114327; SDK22]
NX505J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160625.114327; SDK22]
NX505J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20161017.172110; SDK22]
NX505J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20161017.172110; SDK22]
NX505J [6.0.1; 03fbbd2d06; SDK23]
NX507J [5.0; eng.nubia.20150411.150840; SDK21]
NX511J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150603.143323; SDK21]
NX511J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150603.143323; SDK21]
NX511J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150703.102706; SDK21]
NX511J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150706.172213; SDK21]
NX511J [5.0.2; V6.6.1.0.LXICNCF; SDK21]
NX511J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160217.152644; SDK22]
NX511J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160914.120610; SDK22]
NX512J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150421.091224; SDK21]
NX512J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150701.175916; SDK21]
NX512J [5.0.2; eng.nubia.20150820.123011; SDK21]
NX512J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160805.113057; SDK22]
NX513J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20180314.155442; SDK22]
NX523J_V1 [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160612.170906; SDK22]
NX523J_V1 [6.0.1; eng.nubia.20161219.111927; SDK23]
NX529J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160711.173505; SDK22]
NX529J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20160930.160807; SDK22]
NX529J [5.1.1; eng.nubia.20161017.110531; SDK22]
NX531J [6.0.1; eng.nubia.20180702.183924; SDK23]
NX531J [9; eng.lightv.20190613.190103; SDK28]
NX541J [6.0; 1486116177; SDK23]
NX541J [6.0; 1502192018; SDK23]
NX551J [6.0.1; eng.nubia.20170421.084654; SDK23]
NX551J [6.0.1; eng.nubia.20180618.175011; SDK23]
NX551J [6.0.1; eng.nubia.20180929.151000; SDK23]
NX573J [6.0; 1503540314; SDK23]
NX573J [6.0; 1503540314; SDK23]
NX606J [8.1.0; eng.nubia.20181206.174424; SDK27]
NX629J [9; eng.nubia.20191109.014547; SDK28]
NX709J [12; eng.nubia.20221015.021845; SDK32]
Z9 MAX [8.1.0; f54887d896; SDK27]

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ShenZhen Coresmore Technology Co.,LTD Car Entertainment
alps S24 Ultra
Mediatek KT096H
DT pad5Pro
MEIZI 20280999CL
asus K012
Xiaomi MI MAX 2
Xiaomi Redmi Go
OnePlus KB2003
I14 Pro Max pop
alps I15 Pro Max
samsung GT-I9300
samsung SM-A127F
alps 8227L_demo
Amlogic x96
Xiaomi M2101K6G
XSD 14Pro
Allwinner QUAD-CORE T3 k2001-nwd
Realtek rtd298x_tv001
QUALCOMM msm8953 for arm64
samsung SM-S906B
alps k80_bsp
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8
alps Pro14
alps Pro14
Allwinner K2401/K2401P
A19 Pro
Hisilicon HiDPTAndroid_Hi3751V320
alps k80_bsp
alps P50 pro
motorola moto e(6) plus
alps I15 Pro Max
Allwinner QUAD-CORE T3 p1
alps I15 Pro Max
alps 8227L_demo
alps Tab14
alps g6tr1_dx_c59
tw QuadCore-R16
alps 8227L_demo
Welcome S22 Ultra
samsung SM-A137F
DW Pad6 Pro
welcome I15 Pro max
alps y50 pro
MStar Semiconductor, Inc. Android Projector
Multilaser i14Promax
motorola razr plus 2023
welcome I15 Pro max