Device name
Unmoderated list of HMD GLOBAL
Please note, "HMD GLOBAL" brand may not be actual for some devices
N1374DL [11; 02US_1_080; SDK30]
N1374DL [11; 02US_1_10E; SDK30]
N1374DL [11; 02US_1_19R; SDK30]
N156DL [12; 02US_1_050; SDK31]
NOKIA 2 V [9; 00WW_1_13F; SDK28]
NOKIA 2.1 [9; 00WW_1_13Q; SDK28]
NOKIA 3 V [9; 00VZW_1_35J; SDK28]
NOKIA 3 V [9; 00VZW_1_35N; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.1 [9; 00WW_3_18B; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.1 [9; 00WW_3_18D; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.1 A [9; 01N0_1_39I; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.1 A [9; 01N0_1_39I; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.1 C [9; 00N0_1_41G; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.1 PLUS [9; 00WW_2_25Q; SDK28]
NOKIA 3.2 [9; 00EEA_1_41G; SDK28]
NOKIA 5.1 PLUS [9; 00WW_2_16D; SDK28]
NOKIA 6.1 [8.1.0; 00WW_2_22F; SDK27]
NOKIA 6.1 [8.1.0; 00WW_2_22Q; SDK27]
NOKIA 6.1 PLUS [10; 00WW_4_15T; SDK29]
NOKIA 6.1 PLUS [8.1.0; 00WW_2_50A; SDK27]
NOKIA 6.2 [10; 00WW_2_400_SP07; SDK29]
NOKIA 7 PLUS [10; 00WW_4_15F; SDK29]
NOKIA 7 PLUS [8.1.0; 00WW_2_13B; SDK27]
NOKIA 7.2 [10; 00WW_2_400_SP07; SDK29]
NOKIA C30 [11; 00WW_1_700; SDK30]
NOKIA C30 [11; 00WW_1_700; SDK30]
NOKIA C5 ENDI [10; 00CUS_0_41D; SDK29]
NOKIA G10 [11; 00WW_1_260; SDK30]
NOKIA G10 [11; 00WW_1_26E; SDK30]
NOKIA G10 [11; 00WW_1_26E; SDK30]
NOKIA G20 [12; 00WW_2_36E; SDK31]
NOKIA X6 [9; 00CN_3_47H; SDK28]
TA-1003 [9; 00WW_6_12H; SDK28]
TA-1004 [9; 00WW_5_15K; SDK28]
TA-1004 [9; 00WW_5_15K; SDK28]
TA-1004 [9; 00WW_5_15K; SDK28]
TA-1012 [7.1.1; 00WW_3_080; SDK25]
TA-1012 [8.1.0; 00WW_4_88I; SDK27]
TA-1020 [8.0.0; 00WW_3_38F; SDK26]
TA-1021 [7.1.2; 00WW_3_70A; SDK25]
TA-1021 [8.1.0; 00WW_5_58G; SDK27]
TA-1021 [9; 00A0_6_19B; SDK28]
TA-1021 [9; 00WW_6_17H; SDK28]
TA-1021 [9; 00WW_6_19F; SDK28]
TA-1024 [7.1.2; 00WW_3_70D; SDK25]
TA-1024 [8.1.0; 00WW_5_58B; SDK27]
TA-1024 [8.1.0; 00WW_5_58C; SDK27]
TA-1024 [8.1.0; 00WW_5_58G; SDK27]
TA-1032 [7.1.1; 00WW_2_15E; SDK25]
TA-1032 [9; 00WW_5_18A; SDK28]
TA-1053 [7.1.1; 00WW_3_32E; SDK25]
TA-1053 [7.1.2; 00WW_3_700; SDK25]
TA-1053 [8.1.0; 00WW_5_63C; SDK27]
TA-1054 [9; 00CN_3_47C; SDK28]

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alps SHA23
Schok Volt SV55
Xiaomi MI 6
schok volt sv55
jpay inc JP5s Inmate Media Device
Xiaomi 22101316G
alps I14 Pro Max
alps I14 Pro Max
Xiaomi 21081111RG
Jlinksz ZH960
samsung SM-A037U
alps eidolon15_nand_gb2
Welcome I14 Pro max
Pad 6 Pro
alps S23 Ultra+
alps H960
Samsung A72
Infotmic T91
samsung SM-S908B
alps I14 Pro Max
motorola moto g play - 2023
Welcome F5
alps Phone
samsung SM-G920I
Umx U683CL
Jlinksz P10
SPRD sp9853i_1h10_vmm
alps i14_Pro_Max
Acer Z205
tw QuadCore-R16
Allwinner QUAD-CORE T3 p1
Garmin APSA18
samsung SM-G955F
alps y50 pro
wanjiang LZN projector
alps y50 pro
samsung SM-A507FN
TP-LINK Neffos Y6
alps Note30 Plus
Allwinner QUAD-CORE T3 p1
Realme ASUS_I01WD
realme RMX2185